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Most of the mobile app which are listed in play stores are searching by the users with keyword only. If your wish also the same the you also need gather proper keywords which is suitable your app name.

Below the article we will explain you how to choose the app name and with targeted keywords to fit iOS and android play store platforms. We can’t give the promise its will rank on top charts of the play stores but it may help to you increase the downloads and installs of your mobile app.

Most important thing which we are concentrating on app store optimization with SEO are the name of the app and keywords which we need target in the play sotre.

Mostly the starters of app developer getting problem, so we are explaining some of the tips which will help to promote in play store. In this article we will explain you application SEO and ASO how to do.


Mostly the first impression is the best impression, the user will see first the name and the app image.

If your app is not relevant to the games apps you need to explain about your app. The people always expect that when the see the app they should understand about the app what it is the use of app. So make sure that when you select a name and image or logo for your app.

The app which are having keyword in the name also will consider as keyword by play stores. Collect the keywords related to your app which is having only 2 or 3 words contained in your competitors app. The apple app store also reduced the keyword length characters around 50 in the last year announcements. The short keywords will work more effectively in app store optimization.

Make your main task as that to make your keyword and app should be like brand in the play sotre.

In the instruction of the apple app store, the url also should be on the app name. so don’t mention any special characters, trademarks and copyright symbols in the name of app. If you use these things in the app name the iTunes page will create your app url on your ID.

Make sure that when you chose the name of the app should be unique which is not reused one. And don’t use any apple related keywords. The name of the app should original which is not used in the existing apps.


Apple app store will allow the keywords length up to 50 use it very wisely. While writing keywords write it in plural form and make it each and every keyword separated with comma.

If you are needed to use your keyword repeatedly in the description, try to use synonyms, keyword phrases and combination of the keywords. If your app keywords are getting ranked in the top 5 searches with low competition keywords. Don’t make any trade marks in the name of the apps.

By using keyword phrase wont help you that much. The apple app store concider like these keywords “weather app” as two key words like “weather” and “app”. So try to avoid key phrases.


Mostly who are not good at ASO picks the key words which is having highly search results that is the major mistake.

But it is far the less important thing you should take care of while selecting a keyword. Below you may read the list of keyword criteria in the order of their importance.

  1. Suitability – is it the keyword which you selected suits your product? What are the chances the may find to the app and downloads thinks about this keyword?
  2. Competitiveness – the target of your app should be place in the top ten while searching with your keywords. So the keywords will help you to rank over there. Mostly the users will prefer use the app which are ranking in the top ten.
  3. Searches – most important factor is, choose every keyword is uniquely, suitability, competitiveness and searches. Find the way how to use it in the selection process.


mention publishers name it is also one of the important in app store search process. Mention app developers name and app promoters names also which will be a good option in search. Make sure that while taking a decision implementing the app romoters it may contain the app-specific App Store keywords.


In ASO App Store Optimization key word optimization is playing a vital role. Before you’re going to do keyword, optimization makes sure that it decent examining and grow your list of keys. Because you have only one chance to implement keyword optimization.

You may provide the actual keywords an effort number so as to observe their results and therefore the number of installs and new customers. You must and should conscious of changes and upgrading of the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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