How to Improve Your iOS App Ranking in the App Store

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How to Improve Your iOS App Ranking in the App Store

In these days on daily basis number of new mobile applications are entering into the Google Play Store and Apple Store. When users visit the App stores they have a number of mobile applications are there to find and download. So, it can be very hard to find out your mobile application in the Google Play Store and Apple app store, if you are new to this field. Getting better ios app ranking and top ranking is playing a vital role in Google play store and App store because if your mobile application then there has a chance to get great ranking in App store, then your app has more chances that users can find easily. If you think that your app wants to get top ranking there are a lot of methods to get top rankings on Google Play Store and all of these are just as important as carrying out SEO for your website.

Know What Your Audience Is Looking For

Knowing what your real users are expecting for also one of the major aspects to improve your app ranking in the App Store. If your app is not getting positive rankings and not getting top position in the google play store and apple store. Your mobile application developers already know on what purpose they created a mobile application and which type targeted users can utilize this mobile application they know all these things. You should think about what these people will be expecting from your mobile application benefits and make sure that these needs are met. And you should do research on competitive analysis and also do research on how your similar apps are helping users etc.

Get the Right Title & Description

The right title and Description is one of the most important things to increase your app in rankings with the help of mobile app reviews. The title of your app is the main thing to search your app in the Apple Store and Google play store and people can easily find your app in the App Store(aso). If people cannot find easily and immediately know your application they can easily move on to another app. if you are not having enough quantity of people using your mobile application then your ranking will be affected.

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 Choose Your Category Carefully

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Choosing your mobile application category is also the major aspect to improve rankings in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Lots of mobile applications suitable for a various number of categories and you should decide which category suits your mobile application ranking. By making the right selection you will get continuously grow your mobile application rankings in a mobile app store. By choosing best and suitable category which has the wider scope then there are going to be potentially thousands of apps here that you need to rank higher than by doing a good app store optimization. It may be a lot of robust an improved plan to settle on a lot of obscure class wherever there’s less competition however wherever your app remains similar as you’re more probably to rank tremendously here.

Encourage Users To Rate Your App

If you have thoroughly getting 5-star ratings and reviews from users then it can be a very positive impact on your mobile app ranking. If you’re thinking to get a high rating. Always try to ask your users to give feedback. And never ask feedback before they use your mobile application ask after they completed some levels in your mobile application then you ask them to give feedback as they are likely to respond positively.

Keep Updating Your App

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In order to keep your app relevant to users, it should be updated on the systematic basis. It’s a very easy to update every time. By updating apps on regular basis can additionally useful to prevent any problems which are related to your mobile application that can detract from the user knowledge. Commonly most of the top-ranking apps will do update every two weeks or so just make sure that things are still going efficiently.


Make sure that your mobile application is getting constantly top app rankings in Google Play Store and Apple Store it means you should observe everything that is going on what is not. Some competitors always trying to improve their own ios app ranking and are can push you further down if you are not doing the same. Make sure to spend some time to keep on observe and make the schedule to look on the daily basis how your mobile application is ranking and then working on this necessary. People always prefer to download top rankings mobile applications they give a lot of important.