10 Tips To Get App Reviews to Improve App Installs

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Ten Tips To Get App Reviews to Improve App Downloads

So, are you thinking to come up with an associate innovative plan and adapt it to a mobile application and about to inauguration it is an exception to get a huge number of downloads? Before you’re going to execute your mobile application make sure that you have done all the things professionally from designing, testing, development to execution, but this is not adequate to increase to get app reviews positive as well as downloads for your application. Additionally, you have to do market research on your similar application competitors and you have to complete them and you need to market your app in and suitable way.

Now a day the crucial part is promoting your mobile applications so in order that it can be accessible to everybody. And also learn the appropriate way have a glance over the aforesaid advice. Here some following tips; you should have a proper idea on how to market your mobile application and in what way you will get positive reviews as well as 5-star ratings that will be useful in making revenues through Google play store.

get app reviews of five star

  1. Offer App on sale!

    Now a day’s sale became the most trending word in all over the world, everybody showing much more interest to get something sale or to sell something. So, the word “SALE” make sounds good to everyone by getting some offers or discounts on any products. So, this may increase your application installs and downloads by following this type deals inserting on your mobile application before you’re going to launch your application.

  2. ASO (App Store Optimization)

    If you want to get more traffic to websites we need to do (Search Engine Optimization) SEO for your websites. likewise, ASO (App Store Optimization) is also very useful to increase your downloads and as well as installs for your application over Google play store and Apple Store. you should select suitable keywords and the write the related description for your mobile application; so that users can easily understand everything about your application like the concept of your application and download it as soon as possible

  3. Social Media Optimization

    SMO (Social Media Optimization) is also playing the vital role in marketing your mobile application and by using this Social Media Optimization you will get huge traffic to your mobile application. And it is very less cost consuming and you will find the most number of targeted users there. So, create a free account on all social media platforms like; Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook etc. and start marketing your application there as plenty as you will. It can be easily accessible for users and within your marketing budget.

  4. Create Multiple Lingual Platform for Review Posting

    Always try to create multiple platforms which will be comfortable to write reviews by the users in English as well as in their own language also. This thing will help you to get a number of positive reviews as well as 5-star ratings.

  5. Create a Relationship with your Users

    Making a Good Relationship with users is also one of most important thing and it’s playing the vital role to get a number of traffic to your mobile application. Promoting your mobile application in social networks is not enough you need to build up a good relationship with your users and increase them to give you some feedback on your social networks pages or accounts. People always likely to check reviews over social networking before connecting or downloading your mobile application. If they find your mobile application with well rated and positive reviews and active to respond customers feedback they can have decided to download your mobile application.

  6. Approach to Bloggers

    Approach to Bloggers is also the major part of app marketing. Now a day there are a number of bloggers who likely to write reviews related your mobile application, you can approach them in all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Once you approach them and they are ready to write reviews for your mobile application over their blog then it can be useful to increase the number of installs. Their fans can listen or get to understand concerning your app from their trusty blogger and possibly transfer the applying.

  7. Get Opinion from Your Known People

    It could be a useful to get feedback or opinion from well-known people regarding your mobile application before executing your mobile application into App Store. It will very useful to you and you will get to know the flaws and mistakes of your mobile application that you can rectify before you’re going to launch your mobile application into App Store. And always people prefer better application they just observe how many ratings and reviews before they downloading the mobile application

  8. Decide Best App Icon and Color

    Your mobile application logo should be the small picture which interacts first with the users. Your mobile application should be impressive and it can turn into a better way to get the attentions of people why because human beings are the visual beast. So, choose the colors and logo sagely as they’re representative of your application. And additionally, the best resolution to grasp that what fascinates users to travel through the popular application at intervals Apps Store or Google play search.

  9. Selecting Appropriate App Category

    You should choose right and Appropriate app category which can suitable for your mobile application functions or features. So, that can be accessible to real users and right audience

  10. Create a How-To-Video

Hire the associate degree knowledgeable company to form a How-To-Video for your application. check that you give the rules among that video that however a user will use your app. And conjointly check that you give subtitles for any another language. it’ll be useful to urge smart ratings to your app.

Following these ten tips can lead you to urge plenty of reviews and downloads for your application. however, to implement the following pointers you ought to have a well-versed team of developers and marketers. So, if you’ve got any question and want to raise then consult to mobile app development company Gurgaon and acquire the simplest resolution.